Dombóvár-Gunaras Thermal Bath is in the centre of south-Dunántúl, on the area bordered by south-western frontier, north the Lake Balaton and east the River Danube. It is 5 km from Dombóvár and 25 km from Kaposvár.

The thermal water of Gunaras was pronounced as medicinal water in 1977, so this holiday resort has become medical bath since 1981. The medicinal water can be used effectively in the treatment of certain ailments and locomotiv deseases as well as for dermatology, gynaecology and indigestion. The water is suitable for some diseases of the respiratory system, heart- and circulatory disorders.

During the reconstruction of the thermal bath not only the therapy was modernized, but also the wells of the bath, and the possibilities of the spa were completed with new wellness services. The 62 C thermal water contains fluorids and alkaline hydrogene carbonates. The exellent specialists of the therapy group are available the whole of the year with several medicinal cures for people, who would preserve their health, or would get over an illness.

The medicinal cures can be taken with prescriptions as well. In summer the services of the spa are even more wider: There are two experience pools, a beach pool, a swimming pool, two pools covered with healing water and a children’s adventure pool. The guests can play sports on several sport-grounds. Besides the renewed, hudge slide there is a new, experience slide with for ways.

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